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White Wine Primer - ABC

Selecting wine is like going into a restaurant and trying to select your entree from a fifteen-page menu! So many choices! We, at Michael's, feel the whole process would be a lot simpler if folks could match their grapes with their tastes. Therefore, we present you with "Your Wine ABC's" – the grapes used to make white wine.

WHITE wine grapes:

ALVARINHO is from Portugal, and is used to make Vinho Verde. V V is pale with a hint of green, is very crisp and light.

CHARDONNAY is the chameleon grape. It is whatever the producer chooses it to be. If the grapes come from a cooler climate, they will be crisp and apple-like in flavor. If they come from a warmer climate, their flavor can range from caramel to pineapple. In either case, if the wine is aged in wood, it will have oaky tones. If it is aged in stainless steel tanks, it will be much crisper and possibly more tart. You really need to just try some to see which you like.

CHENIN BLANC is a fruity grape. If your wine comes from the Loire, expect it to be honeyed with high acid. If it comes from California, it will be much softer and even fruitier.

GEWURZTRAMINER is famous for two reasons: people have a hard time saying it, and it smells heavenly! It is the #1 most suggested wine for Thanksgiving because the spices complement the same spices in dressing and even pumpkin pie! If it comes from Alsace, it will be less-sweet than if it comes from Germany or the U.S.

GRUNER VELTLINER is native to Austria. It is a fresh, lively, fruity wine that is not sweet.

MALVASIA is from Greece and produces lusciously sweet dessert wines in warmer areas, crisp, dry wines in the northern areas. It is pretty local in Greece, so bear in mind where you are in Greece, before you order it.

MUSCADET is French. It makes a light, pale, racy wine with lively acidity. Especially popular in warm months.

MUSCAT is often found as Moscato. It is known for it's perfumed, raisiny bouquet and spiciness. It can be made to taste dry (not sweet) but is often found in dessert wines.

PINOT GRIS is found in Pinot Grigio, Tokay
d'Alsace, and Rulander. It makes full-flavored, elegant wines. Currently, it is one of the most popular wines on the market because of it's flexibility. It seems to please all kinds of tastes and blends well with various foods.

RIESLING is originally from Germany but is now grown in the cooler climates of New York, Oregon, and Washington. Riesling always seems to end up being classified as 'sweet' but that isn't true. How the grape is processed dictates how sweet the wine will be. It does just fine when processed to make a dry Riesling. But then again, the reason it is associated with 'sweetness' is because we all hear about those wonderful dessert wines and Ice wines Riesling contributes to. A decent Ice wine can run $75 and up for a 375ml bottle! But it is amazine!

SAUVIGNON BLANC is very dry and crisp. Think puckery. California SB's are fruitier than most others.

TREBBIANO is a well-known Italian white.
It is pale, medium-bodied and highly acidic. A classic dry white wine.

VERDELHO is from Spain and it produces semi-dry Madiera and soft, nutty table wines. Very nice and not too sweet.

VIDAL is a hybrid with good fruit and acidity that makes Vidal useful for all kinds of wine. It can be bone dry or sweet. It is often used to make those wonderful Ice wines from N.Y. and Canada.

Please Drink Responsibly!!
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