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Red Wine Primer - ABC

Selecting wine is like going into a restaurant and trying to select your entree from a fifteen-page menu! So many choices! We, at Michaels's, feel the whole process would be a lot simpler if folks could match their grapes with their tastes. Therefore, we present you with "Your Wine ABC's" – the grapes used to make red wine.

RED wine grapes

AGLIANICO from Italy makes tannin wines of great breeding and lasting power. Dry full-bodied red.

CABERNET FRANC is usually found in a blend with Cab Sauvignon or Merlot. It is a medium-weight grape, herbaceous, and suggestive of rasberries. It is sometimes found by itself.

CABERNET SAUVIGNON is deep ruby color, black currant and cedar nose, full-bodied, and tannic when young. As a wine it is capable of long-term storage.

GAMAY is the basis for Beaujolais. French
in origin, Gamay wines are fresh, fruity, light-bodied, and taste of plums and cherries. Beaujolais Nouveau is the wine that is more famous due to the fanfare it causes every November, but Cru Beaujolais is a whole 'nother story. There are ten villages that grow Gamay to make Beaujolais. The grapes for the Cru come from one location only (kind of like single vineyard) and are of superior quality. They are harvested every year in Sept. Whatever grapes are left are combined, bottled and sold as Nouveau. Nouveau is bottled fresh, and has a life span of about six months. Cru is processed like a Cru Bordeaux and, although it sells for a little more, the quality is worth it. Think fresh fruit. Think juicy.

GRENACHE is being seen more and more every day. It is seen in French, Spanish and Australian blends and even by itself. Good reason, too! It is fruity, higher in alcohol, lower in tannins,and makes a great, soft wine. Used extensively in Rose' wine.

LAMBRUSCO if you are looking for a red that is light, fruity and slightly sweet, then try Lambrusco. Excellent!

MERLOT is a purple, blackberry flavored grape that makes a full-bodied, but less tannic wine. Always in fashion.

MOURVEDRE is from Spain and makes a deep-colored, powerful wine with a spicy blackberry taste. Blends well.

NEBBIOLO The noble grape of Piedmont, Italy produces long-lasting wines that take time to soften. Very dry.

PINOT NOIR originated in France. Long before Americans popularized this grape, it existed in France where it is known as the red grape of Burgundy. It produces a garnet-colored wine that is rasberry in flavor and medium in weight. Ages nicely.

PINOTAGE from South Africa produces a robust, powerful red that is low in tannins.

PRIMITIVO From Italy, Primitivo is the progenitor of CA Zinfandel. Makes massive, black wines with high alcohol and intense fruit.

SANGIOVESE THE Chianti grape from Italy!

SYRAH/SHIRAZ Powerful dark wines tasting of blackberries and white pepper. Can age a long time.

TEMPRANILLO is known as " the Pinot Noir of Spain ". Pale ruby, dry strawberry flavors, and it ages elegantly. Very popular and very reasonably priced! Great bang for the wine buck.

ZINFANDEL is enjoying huge popularity right now. In San Francisco, there is actually a Zinfest yearly, and it is supported reatly by the media as well as the producers. Zin is flexible and may be made into a medium weight red, Rose', or Blush. It can also be a powerful red characterized by a blackberry flavor and intense fruit.

Please Drink Responsibly!!
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