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Cordials and Liqueurs

Liqueurs, Cordials, Schnapps cover a huge range of products. What they all share in common is that they are flavored spirits. The terms Liqueur and Cordial are interchangable. Schnapps, however, is a different story. Schnapps, a German word, " is the generic term for all white (clear) brandies distilled from fermented fruits. True Schnapps has no sugar added. Schnapps that are produced in the U.S. tend to be sweet. Lets look at the various kinds.

Fruit Liqueurs could be:

Rasberry (Chambord)
Cherry (Heering, Kirsch, Kirschwasser)
Lemon (Lemoncello)
Melon (Midori)
Orange (Grand Mariner, Cointreau, Citronge)
Pomegranate (Pama)
As well as Pear, Cassis, Acai, Apple, Key Lime & more...

Cream Liqueurs are simply creamy textures. The most common example would be Bailey's Irish Cream, but there are more:

Coffee & Chocolate Liqueurs are basically coffee-and/or chocolate-flavored Liqueurs. Almost every brand of coffee
liqueur has a chocolate variation, and vice verse. Common examples:

Kahula (coffee, espresso, chocolate, hazelnut, vanilla, etc)
Godiva (milk chocolate, white whocolate, caramel, cappuchino, etc)
Bailey's (coffee, mint chocolate, caramel)
Starbucks (coffee, cream)

Anise Liqueurs
feature anise flavor. They can include:


Nut-flavored Liqueurs are hugely popular and even more so during the holidays when they are used in recipes for cakes, cookies, cheesecakes, etc. These include:

Almond (Amaretto)
Pecan (Praline)
Walnut (Nocello)
Hazelnut (Frangelico)

Cinnamon Liqueurs, these are not for the timid and include:


Herbal Liqueurs are the modern-day descendents of medieval medical potions and are marketed as having at least some theraputic value as stomach settlers or hangover cures. Again, not for the timid palate! They include:

And the controversial Absinthe

Miscellaneous Liqueurs are those that don't easily fall into any one caterory. Here you would find:

Honey Liqueur (Barenjager and Sylk)
Green Tea
Amarula (a fruit found only in Africa)
Toffee (Dooley's)
43 (actually a combination of 43 liqueurs!)
and more!!!!!!!

Please Drink Responsibly!!
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